The extrusion process consists of pushing a pre-heated cylindrical aluminium ingot through a steel die.Extruded Frame Presses of up to 2,700 tons force turn out profiles of different sizes and thickness. The ingot is formed into a continuous length of uniform cross-section by forced flow through the steel die. The essence of a perfect extrusion is the die through which the desired section is obtained.

These dies are the result of complex engineering calculations ensuring long term profile repeatability. The outline of the die opening is reproduced in the extruded aluminium in much the same way as decorative icing is forced from an icing bag.  

Extruded FrameExtruded tubing and hollow shapes are formed by placing a steel mandrel inside the die opening. The aluminium is forced to flow between the mandrel and the die, reproducing the shape of the mandrel on the inside of the section and the shape of the die on the outside. Hollow or complex sections can be extruded at a single stroke, without welding or bending. They have excellent tolerance. Extruded tubing is used in the manufacture of such items as doors, window frames, building wall cladding, highway lighting standards and garden furniture. Larger extrusions are also used in the manufacture of train, truck, trailer, aircraft and ship super-structures.

Thermal breaks can be inserted into products using computer technology and designs of the highest quality. The versatile, rugged and durable thermal break sections need no maintenance and are the optimum solution for sealing and insulation against weather.

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