Louvres and Aerofoils - Worcester Aluminium have an extensive range of Brise Soleil (Solar Shading) aerofoils from 100mm to 500mm.  Also a wide range of architectural louvres and clips.

Brise Soleil is an aluminium solar shading system with all the required functionality you would expect to meet current legislation and the design appeal to truly enhance and compliment your exterior fašade.  WaalFin aerofoil blades (and variations, such as our 300mm triangular fin) allow for full design creativity.

Building Regulations Approval Document L2 provides guidance and direction for building designers in terms of recommending passive measures such as External Solar Shading (Brise Soleil) to prevent the overheating of internal building areas, important in the conservation of fuel and power buildings.  The energy efficiency measures covered in the document include making reasonable provisions for limiting exposure to solar overheating and addressing the performance of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems, which have been contributing largely to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

External solar shading (Brise Soleil) is a proven method of significantly reducing solar heat gain in a building's interior.  Furthermore, it diminishes the need for air conditioning and therefore helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Note for Contractors:
 We are currently looking to expand our network of installer partners. Please contact us on 0845 688 5232 if you would like to become an installer of WaalFin.

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